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The #Embrowerment movement was created to celebrate female empowerment and female beauty through the art of brow shaping. At Wink Brow Bar we are dedicated to encouraging ALL women to establish their uniqueness and embrace their inner confidence. We believe everyone deserves to feel empowered when they walk down the street. At Wink Brow Bar, we offer an organic brow beauty experience that is guaranteed to enhance your inner confidence.


The CEO + Founder of Wink Brow Bar, Umbreen Sheikh coined the term “Embrowerment,” by merging passion for women empowerment with her other passion, brow shaping and beauty. Wink Brow Bar specializes in creating customized brow shaping and other beauty services, we want women to feel confident from the minute they wake up in the morning, and we believe that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Therefore a great shaped brow can make any women feel powerful and confident because of the way they look. Thus “brows” and “empowerment” became the start of the #Embrowerment movement.


We invited all women (& men!) to join the #Embrowerment movement because we should all celebrate our unique inner and outer beauty. When you join the #Embrowerment movement, you’ll get exclusive access to all the VIP services, opportunities, and events at Wink Brow Bar.


Feeling confident is a state of being and we want to make every woman feel like they can conquer the world by looking and feeling good. For women, we know feeling sexy also comes with feeling confident about your appearance.  Joining the #Embrowerment movement is a celebration of YOU and knowing that you are beautiful, and don't need makeup to feel good about yourself. Women never feel complete without their brows on point, and we want everyone to always feel like they are on their A-game.


At Wink Brow Bar guarantees an elevating experience with each customer, which is unusual to many of the brow bars on the market today. This movement can encourage women to enhance their confidence and beauty experience through an organic brow shaping process.


CEO and founder of Wink Brow Bar, Umbreen Sheikh has cracked the code of brow care, making beautiful, empowering brows achievable for everyone. Come check it out for yourself!

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